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Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Collection

The kitchen is the heart of any home and is one of the smartest spaces to invest when building or remodeling.

A home’s design is directly affected by the style and finish of the kitchen cabinets, so depending on your selction can change the look of the space instantly.

At Elite Granite Tops, we also offer a wide range of both American and European style cabinets that are both affordable and beautiful.

Visit our showroom today and transform your kitchen and/or bathroom to create a beautiful and more organized home!


While predominately wholesalers and distributors of luxury stone materials here in Colorado Springs, we also have access to lots of affordable, unique, and beautiful kitchen & bathroom cabinets of all levels. Call or visit us to discuss your kitchen cabinet needs.

See European Style Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to American style kitchen cabinets, we offer unique European style kitchen cabinets as well.

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