Your Choices of Granite Countertops is Virtually Endless!

Granite and most other naturally occurring stones have unique formations and colors. Since it takes millions of years to form, each piece of rock from within the same family inculcates characteristics different from one another as a result of subtle and at times, comprehensive variations in their mineralogy. This seamless array of intricate patterns and movements makes it ever so relevant for you to pick the right stone.
Other factors one should consider is their choice of finish. Would you prefer a polished or a matte finish? The choice is yours! Countertops come in a variety of options when it comes to their edge profile as well. These factors are within our control, the pattern on natural granite however, is nature’s art and simply cannot be replicated!

Granite Countertops are not completely unbreakable and is prone to seepage

Granite may be extremely durable and hard but it is still prone to damage if not used with appropriate care. It is a highly recommended countertop material. Roll that dough all day, it is a baker’s delight! One should still consider using chopping boards for cutting meats and vegetables. Not that it will affect the structural integrity, but it can certainly leave marks on the surface finish. In fact, you may end up with dull cutlery but the durability of the stone would remain intact. Extreme temperature changes may affect granite too. Try not to put hot pots and pans straight from the stove. Using potholders and trivets would be a good idea. It is considerably less prone to cracks as a result of temperature fluctuations than any other stone including cultured stone, but one could never be more careful!

Sure, granite is extremely hard and compact. However, since granite is natural, there is bound to be some levels porosity. As each granite is different, some granite are more porous than others. Consult your fabricator before you have it installed. The more porous granite have to be sealed using a stronger sealant and may need to be resealed at shorter intervals than others.

If there is gravitational stress on any point of the countertop, it will break! It is therefore recommended that you leave the handling and installation of granite countertops to professionals. Using hammers or abusing the countertop for purposes other than what it is fit for may crack or even end up breaking it. Granite is as tough as it gets, but it is brittle and perishable still. If the countertop/ island/ peninsula has an overhang of over 50%, the stress on the overhang may cause it to break. Ensure that he installer uses adequate support with shims or corbels keeping its structural integrity intact.

Get your aesthetics right!To make sure you choose the right granite countertop for your home, you need to consider your surroundings. The cabinets, flooring, walls, paneling and the color combinations all play a major role in selecting the right countertop and backsplashes. If you are yet to have everything else done and have your countertop picked, that’s great! That is your wow factor right there, now you can work backwards. Natural lighting and the direction of your kitchen/ home is a factor one must certainly consider. It is usually recommended to have a darker stone in good natural lighting considering it works well with its environment, the intricate movements are then more visible and prevents it from exuding a dull look. A brighter stone may work better with low lighting. Ultimately, it is your choice to make!

Maintenance is key!

When you pick your countertop, you choose a granite that may even last you a lifetime. To ensure it lasts you long, take good care of it. Consult your fabricator for the best possible ways to keep your countertop looking brand new! Some generic things to consider would be to make sure you do not leave any stains on it, particularly the ones that are acidic! Apply granite cleaner and sealants once a year or within the timeframe recommended by your installer. At times one may need to apply polish too in order to keep the shine intact. One may consider using terrycloth or microfiber for cleaning to prevent marks. Most cleaners and sealants are readily available and maintenance using these materials is extremely easy.
At the end of it all, it is most important that one cherishes and enjoys their beautiful piece of granite. We hope this awe-inspiring piece of nature’s workings from beyond time would transform your homes!

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